A despised ability from Overwatch past has returned in the Love of Geometry mode

Oh no, it’s back.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Cupid is out for blood in Overwatch 2 this Valentine’s Day with the introduction of the new Love of Geometry mode playable in the game for the next couple of weeks. While most people are likely going to be focused on the smooth jazz that plays whenever Cupid Hanzo uses Dragonstrike, or the hefty price you have to pay to have that skin equipped full time, a notable ability from the character’s past that a large portion of the community hated has returned for this limited time event.

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Scatter Arrow is an old ability that Hanzo used to have that would shoot an arrow that splits into multiple smaller arrows on contact and bounce around walls. It was removed and replaced with Storm Arrow, a rapid-fire move, because of how easy it was for players to aim at the ground and get one-shot kills on enemies at their feet. Now with the Love of Geometry mode, Scatter Arrow is back and it’s even stronger than it was before.

In Love of Geometry, Scatter Arrow is the main focus. Your team of four Hanzos is going up another team to reach 30 kills first. Any kill that had a final blow dealt by Scatter Arrow rewards the team with two points. Additionally, taking a tip from Genji, whenever you get an elimination, your Scatter Arrow cooldown is immediately replenished so you can fire again.

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Ever since the ability was removed in favor of Storm Arrow, there has been a section of the Overwatch community that has hoped to see Scatter Arrow return. This would appear to be their chance, though, a much larger group is probably fine with it not being included in the main game modes for Overwatch 2. There are some heroes that are more annoying than others, but it’s the one-shot kill moves that will usually get everyone up in arms. At least here, it is a light-hearted wink to the past.