Overwatch 2 fans are enamored with how self-aware the Loverwatch dating sim is

We love this meta writing.

Image via Blizzard

Overwatch 2’s Valentine’s Day event seems to be largely considered a success amongst the community a day after it started. Called Loverwatch, this text-based dating sim has you trying to romance either Genji or Mercy in a very quick campaign that takes at most 30 minutes to fully complete. What people really seem to be drawn to is the self-aware meta-takes the game’s writing holds.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While playing through Loverwatch, you will see countless instances where the game makes referential humor to either memes the community has brought up in the past or the state of the game. For example, while talking to Mercy, you can mention that she is OP (overpowered) because she is smart and funny. She will say being overpowered and having good mobility are not the same thing, a big sting to any Mercy mains who had to deal with her recent Guardian Angel changes at the start of Season 3. What truly nails home this interaction is the writer’s note that follows the interaction up, which talks about how she wasn’t meta at the time of the writing and how now many consider her to be very strong but a bit less fun to play at the moment.

Another notable moment where the game Earthshatters the fourth wall is when Zenyatta is introduced in Genji’s story. Everything pauses for a moment to mention that Zenyatta has no lore outside of the game besides in this non-canon dating sim and a short story, while other heroes have animated cinematics, comic books, and novels. There may even be a hint at a future story addition when the game mentions something happening with Ramattra coming into the game.

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We think Loverwatch is a very fun, light-hearted take on Overwatch 2’s characters. Hopefully, with all the praise it is receiving, it can be expanded with more romanceable heroes and humor for next year’s Valentine’s Day.