A fan put Kratos in Elden Ring so you don’t have to pick which game is GOTY

Fighting his way through a whole new host of baddies.

Image via FromSoftware

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The Game Awards have come and gone, and Elden Ring managed to snag the top prize of the night. After winning Game of the Year over all the stiff competition of 2022, you might expect Elden Ring fans to bask in their glory for a couple of months. However, one creative fan has shown that the spirit of cooperation is strong within the Lands Between.

To celebrate what many viewed as Elden Ring’s closest competition for the Game Awards’ top prize, Reddit user Mar_Reddit posted their build of God of War: Ragnarok’s Kratos in Elden Ring. They posted a video into the r/EldenRing group of their design in action, complete with close-ups of the face and shots of Kratos cutting through enemies. He is quickly running out of Norse gods to fight, so fighting his way through the Lands Between might be the next logical step for Kratos.

It looks like this version of Kratos is modeled more closely after his appearance in earlier God of War games. Though the Elden Ring’s character creation can’t quite replicate the size and bulk of the Ghost of Sparta and he is lacking his signature tattoos, the combat segments of the video show off a reasonable reproduction of the Blades of Chaos in action, trailing fire along the ground as Kratos cuts down a pack of shambling enemies. Mar_Reddit even managed to replicate the Leviathan Axe’s brutal swings, giving a peek at a more modern build of the character.

The video posted on Reddit is only a short clip, lasting just under two minutes, but it has given fans of Elden Ring and God of War something to celebrate together. In an industry that is often focused on creating competition between fandoms, it is always a treat to see them get along and enjoy what makes both these games great.