The long-awaited invisible Pokémon, Kecleon, is now appearing on PokéStops in Pokémon Go

Niantic tried to stealth launch this Pokémon, but players quickly tracked it down.

Image via Niantic

In an announced release, a new Pokémon is now appearing in Pokémon Go. However, rather than showing in the wild as many Pokémon traditionally do, this one is exclusively showing up on PokéStops as an invisible object. The Pokémon Kecleon has been datamined several times over the past few months as we get closer to the release of Pokémon Go’s Tour: Hoenn event, where this Pokémon first appeared in the main games. Kecleon is now appearing shortly after completing the Community Day event for Chespin.

It has been reported by a handful of players that Kecleon regularly appears on PokéStops. When players attempt to spin for their items from the PokéStops, an invisible object blocks their attempts to spin it, and if they tap the hidden object, it turns out to be Kecleon.

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Originally, before the Community Day event for Chespin had ended, the datamining group, Pokeminers, had been regularly sharing updates about the code being pushed forward in Pokémon Go. These were not the first time the team had seen these updates surrounding Kecleon. These were shared roughly a month ago, around when the Pokémon Go Tours: Hoenn ticket had been announced and went on sale.

It’s not a massive shock for Kecleon to appear in the game, especially with the imminent arrival of the Tour: Hoenn event, which features all Pokémon from that region. However, the surprise comes from the follow-up to the Chespin Community Day event. It feels odd for Niantic to pair these two together. Of course, something else could add to Kecleon’s arrival, but we won’t know until Niantic formally announces Kecleon’s appearance.

We don’t know how long Kecleon will continue to spawn in Pokémon Go. But, hopefully, it’s enough time for players to enjoy the event and catch as many as possible. We also hope not to hear reports of Kecloen breaking, similar to Zorua’s launch in October 2022.