A Pokémon Home update includes new artwork for Mega Pokémon, and fan reactions are torn

Maybe dreams do come true.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Every generation of Pokémon games has a unique gameplay quirk, introducing a new mechanic to the series that is different from the rest. The Pokémon Company typically use these mechanics once, and they don’t appear in future additions to the game. However, Pokémon fans have noticed that the Pokémon Home application is using recently updated artwork for Mega Pokémon forms, leading some fans to think the Mega mechanic to return, but others are less optimistic.

The acknowledgment of these updated sprites is making the rounds. They were also hinted at earlier this year when fans were discussing the potential Pokémon Scarlet and Violet moves that were shown at the San Diego Regional Championships.

Although The Pokémon Company is updating these sprites to reflect the artwork from Scarlet and Violet, it’s doubtful the mechanic is set to return to a mainline Pokémon game. Fans are pointing out that The Pokémon Company is doing this purely to update it, but the fact they’ve done this at all has given some fans hope that the Mega Forms from the Pokémon X and Y games will make an appearance.

It’s been nearly three months since Scarlet and Violet was released, and it’s on track to potentially becoming the best-selling game in the Pokémon series. Although it still has a good amount of work ahead of it to beat the record set by the original games, Pokémon Red and Blue, the upcoming expansion packs for the game could help it get over the line.

The Pokémon Company has yet to make a formal announcement about these expansions, but multiple leaks and fan theories lead many to believe that an expansion will have to do with more Paradox Pokémon, with unique forms for Suicune and Virizon. We hope to hear more from The Pokémon Company when Pokémon day arrives on February 27, when many fans eagerly await to hear more. That said, we doubt we’ll hear about the return of Mega Pokémon if an announcement is made at all.