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A profitable wine pairing is revealed after gamer discovers intact PlayStation Anniversary Merlot

A Sony sommelier?

Gaming and wine are not the most obvious duo when it comes to finding the perfect pairing, but it just might be one of the more profitable ones. The popularity of this alcoholic beverage is undeniable, and many enthusiasts would pay top dollar for rare and exquisite bottles to add to their collection. One lucky gamer stumbled upon an unopened PlayStation Anniversary red wine at his in-laws’ house, and the discovery may have just made their entire month.

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The gamer in question took to Reddit to show off the ancient artifact. While the wine itself is a 2006 vintage, the PlayStation anniversary event where it was on sale looks to be the year 2007 based on the bottle’s label. That makes this discovery over 15 years old.

Other gamers were quick to point out that this bottle of wine is likely worth a pretty penny. 30 million of these anniversary wines were made, and can be sold for anywhere between $2,000 to $4,000 dollars. Some referenced another Reddit thread from 11 years ago stating that PlayStation wine is one of the rarest items in gaming, and could be worth quite a bit of cash if the right buyer comes along.

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The amount of bottles still intact and not consumed over the years is incredibly low, meaning that this is indeed an rare find indeed. Wine enthusiasts point out that the bottle needs to be stored correctly for it to retain its value.

From the picture it looks to have been stored upright and in a heated environment for too long, and Vin de pays Merlot is not exactly known for its longevity. It has likely oxidized and degraded, so its value is probably quite lower and more in the unique label instead of consumption. It’s probably best to enjoy Sony’s many titles with a more recent blend.

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