Alyss shows off her chilling new skills in Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Showcase

Prepare for a frosty reception.

Image via Level Infinite

For those who preferred a slightly more sci-fi alternative MMO experience to smash hit Genshin Impact, 2022 brought a solid competitor — Tower of Fantasy. Since its Western release last summer, Tower of Fantasy has proven a fun enough experience to build up its own dedicated fanbase, and its developers have been reliably adding new content, characters, and more to the game over time. The next major update to the game, “Version 2.3: Amidst Miasma,” has exciting new storylines to pursue, along with a major new Simulacrum available to pull for — Alyss, who is associated with the weapon Unyielding Wing.

The devs doubled down on the new addition with Simulacrum Showcase on YouTube recently, showing off Alyss’ skills and giving fans reasons to be excited for her arrival on February 2. Alyss is an ice-oriented character, combining her dance-themed attacks with frost skills to freeze enemies in place and do some serious damage. One of her most powerful-looking attacks is Chilling Field, which gathers together nearby foes and lays down an area of effect that enhances frost attacks. On top of that, landing 12 successful attacks while Chilling Field is in effect will apply an effect called Spatial Slice, which deals damage to nearby enemies every couple of seconds.

Alyss also looks to be a solid choice for players who aren’t looking to break the bank in order to play the game effectively. If they’re able to add her to their team by getting her in Tower of Fantasy’s banners, they can significantly improve her effectiveness in a party just by upgrading her to her 1-star advancement level, something fairly easily achieved even by free-to-play players. This will provide her with a skill that sets off her discharge skill automatically when a frost weapon skill is used in Chilling Field, which can stack to do some real damage to enemies. If you’re a frost-oriented Tower of Fantasy player, Alyss certainly seems to be a character to keep an eye on when she comes available next month.