Among Us 2023 roadmap promises a new map, new collabs, and more

Another fun place to betray your friends.

Image via Innersloth

Innersloth has made a post going deep into the plans the small developer has for handling Among Us in 2023. With the Hide and Seek update coming out at the end of 2022, the roadmap ahead includes some content and features that players are likely to be excited about.

Starting off, UI and UX updates are coming soon to the game. These changes are essentially what you see in the game and how you interact with it. Mostly, menu items are covered here. While they did not say exactly when it is coming, some of the changes include improvements to the reporting system, account merging, and making the store easier to get through. Right now, these basic functions are a little haphazardly implemented and tough to get your head around sometimes.

Further down in the calendar year, Among Us is set to receive its fifth map. Unfortunately, no clue or hints were given as to what the map will be like, so we are stuck waiting until later to see what new tasks and cosmetics are on the way. Speaking speculatively, we would guess this would be an announcement suited for Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest on June 8.

Alongside a new map, improved matchmaking, a rework to Quick Chat, and more collaborations with other media are all set to be on the way this year. As of now, the only way to find games is to search for lobbies with the game mode and map you want to play on. This area could easily be improved. As for Quick Chat and the collabs, no details were given except that they are coming.

Image via Innersloth

A slight hint was given that if they are able to, the team wants to implement more roles into the game to join Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Engineer, and Scientist. However, it was made clear that this is not a priority and could be far in the future. While the comparisons to Goose Goose Duck are there, they are not forcing things into the game that could ruin the experience.