Animal Crossing New Horizons features one island per console, new multiplayer details

Up to eight users can play online.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo has revealed new multiplayer details about their upcoming game, Animal Crossing New Horizons, scheduled to launch on March 20 on Nintendo Switch.

The platform owner has detailed via its official Nintendo Australia website that only one island can exist per Nintendo Switch console, and that’s “irrespective of the number of user accounts registered to or copies of the game used on one console.”

“Up to eight people” are allowed to play on one island via local wireless or online play, while couch co-op will be granted for a maximum of four users.

An Internet connection is required to play online, of course, together with a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Earlier today, it was revealed that the service has reached 15 million accounts since launch – 8 million more than this time last year.

A Nintendo Switch limited edition bundle will be released alongside the game on March 20 and will feature the colors and themes from the Animal Crossing franchise.

While details about the game itself are sparse, a new set of stickers has just revealed some returning characters and new ones that will be making their debut in New Horizons.