Apex Legends Season 19 Patch Notes: Everything We Know So Far

Everything fans need to know about the patch notes for Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite, from the new Legend, to buffs and nerfs.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite may be one of the most exciting in the game’s history. At long last, Respawn Entertainment is leaning on the title’s Titanfall roots once more.

Season 19 brings a new Legend into the fray, but that’s not all. Every season has its fair share of events, a Battle Pass, and dozens of meaningful changes that impact the casual, hardcore, and pro scenes simultaneously. Each season really is an event, but this one feels like it’s got more to it, which is why we’re rounding up all the most important details on it.

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Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite so Far

Below, we’ve outlined everything we know about Apex Legends Season 19 right now. We were invited to a pre-release event for the new Season, so we’ve documented everything we were told below for fans to digest in their own way.

Cross-Platform Progression Comes to Apex Legends

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite brings cross-platform progression to the game at last. From October 31, 2023, all of a player’s accounts will be merged, with every cosmetic, badge, and item they’ve earned combined into the highest-level account. All players need to worry about is signing into each device with their EA ID.

New Legend in Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite: Conduit

Very little is known about Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite at the time of writing. However, as can be seen in the trailer above, everyone knows that it adds a new Legend, Conduit. This Legend has an ability that appears to use gravity to its advantage, freezing enemies and pulling friends from the ground to carry on fighting.

This Legend is a shield support role. She’s able to restore the shields of her allies, gains a speed boost when running to them from out of tactical zone, and has an incredible Ultimate. For her Ultimate, she throws out a series of batteries that form a line. When enemy players rush that line, they lose their shields, opening them up for so much more damage than they thought they’d be taking.

Conduit uses a Titan battery (yes, as in a Titan from Titanfall), to fuel her powers. This is a battery from a Monarch model and was powerful enough to wipe out every other Titan in the battlefield when it was crushed. This Legend has made herself into a competitor for the Apex Games so she can go toe to toe with those she admires and help her family.

Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite Start and End Dates

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It’s no secret that Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite starts on October 31, 2023. This has been known since the start of Season 18 because the end of one Season sparks the start of another. From that date, players will be able to access the new Battle Pass and Legend in-game. The end date for the season is up in the air because we won’t know that until we see how long Season 19 Ignite is set to last for.

Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite Weapon Changes

Apex Legends weapons
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is constantly looking at the weapon meta in Apex Legends and trying to tweak it to make for a more enjoyable experience. We were quite miffed at the changes to the Charge Rifle from Season 18, but they were a necessary evil.

In Season 19 Ignite, the projectile size of the Longbow, Charge Rifle, and Sentinel to help improve their usability. The Charge Rifle, in particular, is going to have more damage over distance, which will make for much more impressive longshots. The Bow is also generally being improved with faster draw speed, easier aiming, and an overhaul to make it more efficient.

To make up for this, some weapons are being nerfed. The 30/30’s spread is increasing from hipfire shots, making spam less effective. The Hemlock is getting a straight up damage reduction because it’s too beefy and needs to be contained.

For Care Package rotations, each one will now have at least one weapon at every stage of the game to help everyone pick something up. The Wingman is now off the floor and in some Care Packages, making for an insane upgrade if players can get it at the right time. It’s been buffed in loadout and damage and looks more than lethal.

For the Crafter, the 30/30 and R45 are coming out, and the 301 and Volt are going in. The Digithreat has been pulled from rotation altogether, which will massively impact high-level play.

Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite Storm Point Energized Map Changes

Screenshot by Gamepur

We’re sort of sick of Storm Point after seeing it so much in ALGS Year 3, so we’re excited to see that the map is getting a decent rework in Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite in the form of Storm Point Energized. There are quite a few changes coming with this season that make for a ore cohesive battle royale game and provide added opportunities for fun in out of the way locations.

Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite Legend Changes

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Sometimes, it’s the Legends that are the problem in Apex Legends. Their abilities become too powerful or simply broken, creating glitches. While we’d hate to see any nerfs to our favorite Legend, Lifeline, some changes are essential for keeping the game alive.

For Season 19 Ignite, Respawn Entertainment is diversifying the mid to long-range meta. Catalyst, the most versatile of all control Legends used by almost every pro team, is getting some attention. Her Tactical will now no longer stop projectiles. They’ll pass through. Her throw range is also being significantly reduced, aiming to bring her in line with other control Legends and make games fairer.

Catalyst’s Ultimate isn’t immune either. The wall’s lifespan is being reduced, meaning players can hide behind it for a little less time than they’re used to, and others don’t need to wait so long before they can rush in and finish off an assault. The cooldown for it is also now going to start after the wall falls, so it’s going to take a bit longer to charge up.

Bangalore is another Legend getting some attention. The duration of Double Time is coming down a little, as is the lifetime of Smokes. Rolling Thunder is also getting a nerf, but the development team believes most of these changes will barely be felt.

Getting a buff first is Wraith, because her passive will now feel more reliable. Pathfinder’s Care Package scan for Ziplines will now allow them to scan even if a skirmish Legend has already done so.

Finally, some Ultimate changes. Revenant’s time-extension window for his Ultimate is down from 30 seconds to just 3. Vantage is getting another bullet for her Ultimate to make it a set of six. Newcastle’s maximum leap height is going up, and the recovery time from landing is being reduced, making him just that much more effective.

Apex Legends Season 19 Ranked Changes

Screenshot by Gamepur

Apex Legends’ Ranked scene has been in the bin for a couple of seasons now. Players found it far too easy in Season 17, and Season 18 didn’t seem to rebalance things enough. It’s a hard situation for Respawn Entertainment because players want this to be fun and challenging but not frustrating.

This season, multiple changes have been made to ensure that Ranked is still the definitive sign of skill in the game. The development team is happy with how Ranked worked in Season 18, but it’s still improving. The key pillars are challenge, stability, and fun.

This season, players will get to win and keep a Ranked Banner Frame forever if they hit the top. This avoids issues the trail caused and makes for a permanent reward. A few alterations to skill levels in teams and how players need to act in-game have also been implemented, meaning anyone can play together, but being passive won’t help players hit the top rank.

Once players hit a new rank, they’ll need to complete a Promo Trial. These task players will completing a set of challenges across five matches, the reward for which is moving up a rank. These tasks revolve around winning or ending up in the top 10 with a certain number of kills and assists. A tracker helps players keep an eye on where they are.

ALGS Year 4

players hugging at algs championship 2023
Image via ALGS

Outside of Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite, Respawn Entertainment also gave us a glimpse at what’s to come for ALGS Year 4. There will be three more competitions, and China is entering the competition as a new region. More information will be released soon, and pre-season starts at the end of November, so it’s worth keeping an eye on all the socials.