Apex Legends Players can Refill Body Shields Instantly

 Apex Legends Players can Refill Body Shields Instantly

There’s no end to tricky when it comes to finding a way to finish a match, and an Apex Legend player recently found the most efficient way to ensure they have full body shields after losing them.

You watch how the play happens here between the main character and a Bloodhound character.

The main character swapped out his purple armor for a simple piece of armor. His purple armor was damaged, and worth less than the common. After he swapped, he waited for the Bloodhound to take the baited armor and switch, which they did. As they did, he kicked the attacker and removed them from the game. However, after killing them, he was able to pick up the previously picked-up purple armor and place it back on himself at full capacity.

The explanation to this? It was because of the death box.

When a player picks up an armor, it’s going to have the same stats as when they picked it up. So it’s going to remain the same and not have the same quality. However, if a player dies with the high-quality armor, the killer is going to find it fully recharged and ready for use after they’ve been killed.

So if you’re interested in having high-quality armor, get rid of your worst sets before you die. The enemy may pick it back up, and if you kill them, then they’re going to leave you a great surprise.

It’s a high-quality trick, and may only matter in the late game. However, it’s something to think about if you can ruin another enemy player’s armor and trick them in to pick up your old, beaten up armor.

Are you up for the challenge? What other problems do you have haunting you in Apex Legends?