Apex Legends dataminers unearth Celestial Sunrise, an upcoming collection event

The latest update may have let out the contents of the battle royale’s next event.

Image via EA

Apex Legends Season 15 has already seen its fair share of content, hosting the holiday-themed Wintertide and brand-new Spellbound Collection Events. It now appears the season has one last event left to reveal to players. Upon the debut of Spellbound, dataminers claimed to have found files detailing an upcoming Lunar New Year event known as Celestial Sunrise. More surprisingly, it is allegedly bringing along a brand new limited-time mode.

According to proven dataminer KralRindo, the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event will come to Apex Legends “in three weeks,” presumably having a launch date of January 31. The insider accompanied the claim with screenshots of its menus, with one pointing to the event carrying a new Hardcore Royale LTM. The mode is said to be centered around squads of three having “higher stakes and harsher punishments,” such as the lack of a HUD, disabled Armor Swapping, and maximum ring damage from the start of each match.

via KralRindo’s Twitter

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As it will potentially be themed after the Lunar New Year, Celestial Sunrise may even be introducing skins centered around zodiac animals. In a video posted on the dataminer’s YouTube channel, the event’s collection menu seemingly displays a new rabbit outfit for Octane, a lion skin for Caustic, as well as a serpent-themed getup for Ash. Meanwhile, it appears those who collect all 24 of its items will receive a reactive Peacekeeper weapon skin, though its rarity and name are not known.

Of course, as developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to reveal the game’s Lunar New Year event, players should taper their expectations for the time being. In the meantime, there is still a great deal to experience within the Spellbound Collection Event. The collect-a-thon offers up Seer’s Showstoppers Heirloom for those able to nab all of its skins and accessories, while the team-based Control mode has even managed to return once again.