How to get Seer’s Showstoppers Heirloom in Apex Legends

Perform a celebratory dance after each elimination with this Heirloom.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

While character skins are valuable in Apex Legends, there is no cosmetic type as rare as Heirlooms. The Mythic-rarity unlockables function as skins for characters’ melee attacks, and they sport detailed animations with each swing. With a new Heirloom introduced each season, Season 15 is now confirmed to debut Seer’s very own Heirloom, the Showstoppers. The item is soon bound to be incredibly difficult to unlock, but the game is offering players an easier method for a limited-time. Here’s how to obtain Seer’s Showstoppers Heirloom in Apex Legends.

How to unlock the Showstoppers Mythic Heirloom in Apex Legends

The long-awaited Showstoppers Heirloom comes to Apex Legends by way of the Spellbound Collection Event, which runs from January 10 to January 24. During this time, those who collect all 24 of its cosmetics will instantly be granted the item. Even the grind should also be quite rewarding, as the collection includes Legendary skins for Mirage, Vantage, and Seer, himself. These and other cosmetics are said to be unlockable by purchasing them with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals.

As for what to expect from the Showstoppers, they take the shape of a pair of foldable, gold sickles. Better yet, those using the Heirloom will witness it dispersing crystal shards that dance around the blades after they are swung. Those chasing after the sickles should act fast. Once the Spellbound event is over, the Showstoppers will move to the Mythic Store, where they then have to be bought for 150 Heirloom Shards — and this is where the true grind lies. The currency is considered to be the rarest to obtain in the battle royale and are only guaranteed to be rewarded once 500 Apex Packs are opened.

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Although both unlock methods will demand much of your time, the Spellbound Event does provide players with an additional game mode to explore and level up in. While it’s live, the famed Control game mode can once again be played, tasking two teams to capture zones and collect eliminations. Additionally, its rotation of maps will include Storm Point’s Barometer, Olympus’s Hammond Labs, and Lava Siphon from World’s Edge.