Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event to feature cheaper cosmetic prices and an infamous recolored Heirloom

The event will be the first ever to dawn three LTMs and shockingly low item costs.

Image via Apex Legends’ YouTube

Following the launch of Apex Legends: Revelry last month, the battle royale is now set to introduce its first event of Season 16 next week. Thanks to a new trailer, it is confirmed the Imperial Guard Collection Event bears warrior-themed skins and will release alongside a previously-leaked Heirloom recolor. However, its biggest addition is a massive price drop to event cosmetics.

On March 7, the Imperial Guard Collection Event will arrive with a set of 24 brand-new cosmetics and a rewards tracker full of its dedicated Apex Packs. Its announcement trailer teases that the collection is being headlined by new armored skins for Octane, Revenant, Wattson, and Loba — which were all leaked by dataminer KralRindo in February. Although these gold-plated outfits are flashy, fans should not expect them to have high costs. Developer Respawn Entertainment stated the event will include a 50% discount on all Imperial Guard items crafted, thus its Legendary items are going to be priced at just 1,200 Crafting Metals.

The discount is certainly a welcomed and kinder change for players’ wallets, especially as the event’s final reward is the Hope’s Dawn Wraith Heirloom. The Mythic item is a recolor of her original Hope’s Dusk melee weapon and is said to include new animations and color variations. Despite this, the Heirloom has already received harsh criticism from the game’s community. When it first leaked at the start of the season, those on social media were quick to call out the recolor’s design, pointing out its lack of differences from the original.

Like any event before it, Imperial Guard is also joined by a new mode — but with a pleasant twist. Once the event launches, players will have access to the Mixtape playlist in both public and custom matches and it will function as a rotation for Team Deathmatch, Gun Run, and Control for the remainder of the season. The playlist was first teased last month, with Respawn hinting that it may hold even more LTMs in Season 17.

via Apex Legends’ YouTube

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Imperial Guard is just one of three collection events slated to come to Apex’s sixteenth season, with the others confirmed to be known as Sun Squad and Veiled. For now, Respawn has yet to disclose what these other events will bring, but leakers may have beaten them to it. Recently, it was discovered that in-game files hinted at an upcoming Heirloom for Ash, and it will seemingly come packaged with a Mythic Banner Pose and several new animations of its own.