Apex Legends “Meet Vantage” trailer officially details the new hero’s sniper skills

It’s almost time to pull the trigger.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The next hero to join the Apex Legends roster is Vantage, a sniper with support abilities that should shake up the meta quite a bit. She’ll be jumping into the Apex Games with Season 14: Hunted.

Ahead of the new season, we got a “Meet Vantage” character trailer that gives us a great overview of how she plays. Vantage’s mother actually narrates the trailer as she demonstrates her abilities. These include a passive called Spotter’s Lens, which lets you aim down sights or scopes to learn an enemy’s Legend name, shield level, team size, and distance from you. Vantage also has a cute little bat buddy named Echo, and her tactical ability lets her send Echo out and then teleport to its location. Finally, her ultimate puts her own special sniper rifle in her hands. This deals 50 base damage and marks the targets it hits; targeted enemies then take a guaranteed 100 damage from the sniper and increased damage from Vantage’s teammates.

Pretty much everything we know about Vantage leaked beforehand. Her existence, inclusion in Season 14, and even her abilities all slipped out early, but it’s good to have official confirmation at least. We also got a character trailer just after the leak that briefed us on who Vantage is from a story perspective. Her mother was also featured in that origin video before narrating the latest trailer.

Apex Legends’ 14th season starts less than a week from the release of Vantage’s character trailer: it kicks off on Tuesday, August 9. In addition to adding Vantage herself, the new season will also increase the game’s overall level cap and revive Skull Town in Kings Canyon. We learned previously that Vantage wants to hunt a Leviathan, the massive animal species that walk around Kings Canyon, so a retooling of that map is very fitting. Season 14: Hunted will also bring the usual Battle Pass, with a healthy dose of new skins and other cosmetics.