Apex Legend’s Revenant rumored to be reborn in season 17 according to insider

Still no sweet release of death.

Image via EA

Fans of Apex Legends who have committed to Revenant as their main might be in for a treat in the upcoming season 17. While the synthetic nightmare has a lot of utility and many players who enjoy his skill kit, a lot of fans will admit that the legend has been in need of a rework for some time. According to rumors, Revenant is getting a rework into Revenant Reborn in the near future, including a change to his ultimate to make it more useful to the team.

According to the rumors, this Revenant Reborn legend replaces the default Revenant entirely. It is noted to have a completely altered ultimate that allows the legend to enter a one-on-one duel to the death in the void with any enemy that it hits. It is unknown if this change will make it into season 17, or if it will have to wait until future seasons to see the light.

Fans have also speculated whether or not this is indeed a real rework to the synthetic assassin. Some wonder if this is just a placeholder for an entirely new character that has yet to be given an appearance in internal builds of the game.

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The other suggestion is that this could be a stand-in for the character Fade from Apex Legends Mobile. This idea comes from the fact that a lot of Fade’s abilities involve phasing both himself and enemies in different situations. His ultimate, Phase Chamber, has a lot of similarities to this new ultimate rumored to be given to Revenant Reborn.

Season 17 for Apex Legends is still a ways off. Season 16 just kicked off in February, bringing many buffs and nerfs to the title, while forgoing some fan concerns. Revenant mains can only wait patiently to see if the rumors are true, and enjoy the current iteration while it lasts.