How to play as Revenant in Apex Legends | Abilities Guide

Revenant brings a surprisingly tactical style of gameplay to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends

Image via Respawn

Season 4 of Apex Legends introduced Revenant, a robotic assassin. Revenant is know all over the system as a fearsome killer, and he has joined the Apex Games to slake his endless thirst for blood and death. 

He has an exciting kit for a character that is themed around the concept of assassination. While there is certainly lots of potential for killing enemies, Revenant also brings some very powerful utility to the mix as well. 

Passive – Stalker

Revenant can move faster than other Legends when he is crouch walking, and can also climb higher up walls, allowing him to get into advantageous situations from angles other Legends can’t use. 

Tactical Ability – Silence

Revenant’s Silence can be devastating when used in the right way. He can throw a grenade that damages enemies, and also shuts down their abilities for 10 seconds. This means no escapes, no ways to defend yourself, and no way to deal with the incoming damage as your squad levels your enemies.

Ultimate Ability – Death Totem

Death Totem is an object that Revenant places in the game. When killed, rather than die, he will return to the Totem with minimum health. When the killing blow is landed, the death is negated, Revenant reappears back at the Totem. Any Legend can use this in his squad.

Death Totem is a powerful ability, especially as the whole squad can use it. Place it somewhere safe right as you go into a fight, and it gives your entire squad a reset.

The most interesting aspect of Revenant is just how much tactical play there is in his kit. Silence allows you to take enemies by surprise, and gain and instead advantage over them, while Death Totem keeps you covered when things go wrong, allowing you to reset, heal, and then get back into the fight.

The trick to being a good Revenant is clear communication with your squad. Working in tandem is vital, as Silence can quickly help you wipe out another squad. You need to use other players learned habits against them, as the Silence will put them in unfamiliar territory. Without their skills to help them out in a fight, they may be slow to react to the threat you pose. The key is to attack with the element of surprise so that your enemies do not realize they are up against a Revenant. When they do, they will almost certainly target you to take you out. If it happens, make sure you take the time to fully heal and get your shields back when you reappear at the Death Totem.