Apex Legends Season 14 Battle Pass to include a reactive Triple Take and jungle-themed cosmetics

Skins that turn Legends into hunters.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

With just one day till the start of Apex Legends Season 14, developer Respawn Entertainment has finally unraveled what new cosmetics are debuting alongside it. As the season goes by the name of Hunted, the next Battle Pass will fittingly give a handful of Legends jungle expedition skins. However, the season’s most coveted cosmetic may be its upcoming reactive Triple Take skin with an appearance that will shock many.

A majority of the Season 14: Hunted Battle Pass will be made up of five different jungle-themed cosmetic sets, dedicated to Wraith, Caustic, Bangalore, Horizon, and of course, new Legend Vantage. Each of these sets will feature skins for the Legends as well as matching weapon skins and accessories. For instance, the season’s Battle Pass trailer reveals Wraith’s Veteran Voyager and the Lucky Draw Wingman skin share similar ivory and gold exterior, while Caustic’s new cosmetics are all decked out in camouflage.

via Apex Legends’ YouTube channel

The Battle Pass will also be home to the reactive Fortune Hunter Triple Take. Once players achieve an elimination with the sniper, its central energy orb will distribute rapid volts of electricity to its rotating gears. Aside from premium content, the pass will host a wealth of free content, such as a Wattson skin, seven Apex Packs, and a whopping 11 other weapon skins.

Those wanting to make progress in the Battle Pass right away can do so when Season 14 goes live on August 9 at 1 PM ET. The benchmark update will bring new changes to Kings Canyon, reviving and reshaping Skull Town to what will now be known as the Relic POI. Players can also purchase and play with Vantage at the start of the season, a sniper expert with powerful long-range abilities to prove it.