All of Vantage’s abilities in Apex Legends

The Legend can gain the upper hand in combat just by aiming at enemies.

Vantage in Apex Legends

Image via u/VyKost on Reddit

Apex Legends fans can play yet another Legend in its already lengthy roster as of Season 14: Hunted. This character is known as Vantage and will primarily function as the game’s lone sniper specialist. This is because her abilities allow her to gain intel on enemies when aiming-down-sights or deal massive amounts of damage with her own custom sniper. Here’s every move you will see from Vantage in Apex Legends.

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What is Vantage’s moveset in Apex Legends?

Despite being a sniping expert, the character is classified as a Support character due to how she can influence her teammates. For instance, one move will enable her to learn and share important details about enemies’ health and location. The Legend also comes with an Ultimate that arms her squad with additional damage. You can find each of the Vantage’s abilities below.

Passive ability: Spotter’s Lens

Vantage’s Passive, Spotter’s Lens, empowers the Legend to learn new information about enemies when aiming at them. This data includes opposing Legends’ names, shield rarities, team size, and distance from Vantage. The Legend is able to utilize this ability when unarmed or staring down magnified scopes. All of this information can also be relayed to teammates by pinging the given opponent.

Tactical ability: Echo Relocation

Alongside her sniper skills, Vantage will be joined by a flying companion named Echo. Thanks to her Tactical ability Echo Relocation, she is able to order Echo to a nearby location and then instantly leap to where the creature is. The move works as a handy way to traverse the map or escape a heated situation. And no, Echo cannot be damaged or killed.

Ultimate ability: Sniper’s Mark

The Sniper’s Mark Ultimate ability lends Vantage her own custom sniper rifle that deals 50 damage to opponents and marks them for a short period of time. Marked targets will then take a guaranteed 100 damage from the sniper and increased damage by Vantage’s teammates.

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Beyond Vantage, there is plenty more to experience in the upcoming season. Season 14: Hunted brings massive changes to the leveling system and debuts a “Reforged” King’s Canyon map that resurrects the memorable Skull Town POI.