Apex Legends Update

Apex Legends

There’s a new Apex Legends update, which includes several new changes and weapon balancing. The developers at Respawn posted their adjustments in a Reddit post, but they also hinted at how they’re going to handle the game’s Season 1 update. Players can expect Season 1 to begin sometime in mid-March. However, the developers have not announced an official date.

The two weapons receiving the most attention in this update are the Skullpiercer Wingman and the Peacekeeper. Now, when the Wingman receives the skullpiercer hop up, the firing rate is reduced by 0.5 seconds, and the headshot damage goes down by 0.25. The Peacekeeper received a slower reload speed, allowing opponents the opportunity to outmaneuver their shotgun-wielding adversary. Both of these weapons are now less common to find, too.

For those hoping to see a P2020 or Mozambique buff, this is not the update for you. The developers elaborated in their post that they did not want to give increase the values already assigned to these weapons, as they’re trying to create a distinct power curve in the game. They wanted some guns to be more common, but not have as much power, and the weapons harder to locate are going to have a more significant deal of strength. Any weapon does receive a noticeable buff when they’re equipped with purple attachments, though.

When Season 1 hits, there’s going to change how Apex Legend’s hitboxes work, notable for those with bigger physiques, such as Caustic and Gibraltar. Additional changes are on the way, and the developers at Respawn are hard at work crafting Apex Legends’ first season.