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Apex Legends will get some quick fixes to address Team Deathmatch grievances

Feedback is the winner.

Players are scrambling back to Apex Legends for Season 16: Revelry. The pinnacle of this update is a limited-time addition of Team Deathmatch. This mode is a given in most shooting games, but that’s a subject for another day. The content has seen a lot of activity and feedback, and not all of it is positive. Respawn Entertainment has heard its players loud and clear and is addressing the most egregious of issues with a few quick alterations to how the matches play out.

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Apex Legends is cutting the length of fights by making each match last only one round instead of three. In doing so, they are also increasing the kill count required to win from 30 to 50. This change quickens the pace of Team Deathmatch while also giving players a compromise to fulfill their bloodlust. While this change is already in effect, Respawn notes that the UI will not reflect the alterations until a proper patch can be implemented to make the necessary edits soon.

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Respawn has also heard the frustrations of teams leaving mid-game and has changes in store for the near future. They plan to have matches end immediately when one team completely quits and give victory to the remaining competitors. They also want to implement a penalty for abandoning matches and state that it will be similar to the one awarded in Control.

Hiccups are natural when bringing new content to a game. Respawn is being extremely transparent and communicative with fans, which the masses have appreciated. While Team Deathmatch isn’t the most complicated competition in the world regarding rules and surprises, it is new to Apex Legends. The studio must fight its own battle to ensure that it provides a worthwhile and fun experience for players.

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