Apple Arcade Announced, Details


Apple Arcade has just been announced for iOS, Apple TV and Mac devices.

As rumored, it’s a subscription based service that will allow you to play 100+ games paying an unprecised monthly fee.

The service is not streaming based as Google Stadia, but it’s more like Xbox Game Pass since you’ll have the opportunity to download and play those games on your device.

On top of that, Apple was quick to note tha all the games will be playable offline, so you won’t be required to stay connected to the Internet in order to have access.

The service will cover all premium games, meaning that free-to-play stuff like Fortnite will stay out of it, and will receive extensive support and exclusive content from a plethora of developers and publishers.

It’s releasing in 150 countries, allowing you to save your progress on the cloud and get back to the game from any device you’ve registered to it, and will be coming fall 2019.