Is Pass Royale worth it in Clash Royale?

More bang for your buck.

Clash Royale

Image via Supercell

For those looking to play a real-time strategy game on the go that offers fast-paced, tactical battles, Clash Royale is an excellent choice. Based on the Clash universe created by developer Supercell, the aim is to collect cards that work as units for the game’s battle system and then create an eight card deck consisting of units and spells to destroy your opponent’s towers and castles.

The game does a good job of providing regular players with cards through the rewards system and Pass Royale. This works similarly to battle passes that you can find in battle royal games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Warzone. The more you play, and the better you perform, the faster you will progress through the pass and unlock more goodies.

However, unless you have purchased the Pass Royale premium ladder, you will only pick up rewards from the tier for free-to-play participants. So is the Pass Royal premium path worth it?

Much like every game with this type of battle pass, it will be dependent on your mileage. The rewards on offer for the premium tier include: 

  • Automatic chest unlocking, allowing you to queue up chests to be opened.
  • Lightning Strikes that allow you to change unwanted cards with others of the same rarity.
  • Unlocking the premium tier of rewards, allowing you access to bigger and more frequent chests.
  • A bonus bank that will provide you with gold for wins after completing all of the Battle Pass tiers.
  • Free entry to the special challenges that would normally cost gems.
  • Exclusive cosmetics, including skins and emotes.

For those looking to get serious with their deck building and Clash Royale record, the monthly Pass Royale is a good investment for each region’s 500 Gem price. In the US, this is $4.99, which makes it a smart investment for regular players.

We would recommend seeing through your first season in the game utilizing just the free tier, and if you find yourself continuing to come back to the game, then the Pass Royale may well be worth your money.