Armored Core VI Launch Trailer Blows Mech Fans Away

The launch trailer show off everything mecha fans could hope for.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Armored Core 6 is almost here, and fans are eager to jump back into the long-running mecha action epic after a long absence. With the release coming later this week, the developers have released their official launch trailer for the game and showcased all the epic mecha gameplay and action players can look forward to.

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The Newest Trailer Showcases All the Mech Action Players Have Come To Expect

A new launch trailer for the upcoming mecha action game was released today, showcasing all the action and exhilarating gameplay players have been waiting for. In the trailer, we see multiple shots of the game’s combat, involving fast-paced flight and maneuvers, as well as a variety of weapons and machinery that will give players plenty of options in how they blast through their enemies.

We also get some snippets from cutscenes along with voice acting, though in usual FromSoftware fashion, it doesn’t offer too much in the way of plot, but it still sounds cool and adds a bit of flavor and potential hints at what players can expect.

So far, community reactions have been positive, with most just excited that the game is almost here. Some have pointed out that this trailer showcases plenty of new parts and equipment players can look forward to, adding tons of build potential. Others have commended the voice work and soundtrack, especially for the Japanese version of the trailer. Beyond that, fans are pleased with everything they’ve seen, and many can’t wait to jump into this newest entry to the series.

Elsewhere in Armored Core 6 news, we recently got details on the PC requirements for the game, which delighted many as they are less taxing than expected. We also learned that the game will run on the same engine as Elden Ring and Sekiro, which has been welcome news for the modding and data mining communities.

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Fans will not need to wait much longer to suit up and jump into the game, as Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is set to launch on August 25 for PC, PlayStation 4/5. Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.