As is tradition, Thomas the Tank Engine is now in Hogwarts Legacy thanks to a broom mod

Professor Hooch did not prepare us for this.

Image via Zurrye

There are many great ways to travel in the Wizarding World. Of course, you have brooms like the Firebolt, you can teleport long distances with Floo Powder or apparition, or we have even seen cars fly when infused with magic. Now, you can take Thomas the Tank Engine on a nice cruise through the air, so we guess you could say the world has been fixed.

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Thanks to Zurrye on Nexus Mods, there is now a way to turn the Moon Trimmer Broom into the classic young children’s show star. Called simply, ThomasBroom, this is a basic model of the blue train placed over this specific broom as you go to ride it. Unfortunately, there are clipping issues with the back of the broom, and some of the movements of your character while flying, but that might be taken care of with a future update.

It is not uncommon for modders to work in Thomas the Tank Engine into various large open world games. Most notably, this happened in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but many other games have had a mod similar to this in them as well. To make everything come full circle, we need a stretched-out “Macho Man” Randy Savage dragon mod to accompany this piece of art. To fill out the world with more Thomas stuff, we also need to see a Sir Topham Hatt wizard casting Avada Kedavra.

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With this being the first week that Hogwarts Legacy is available to the public, we should see plenty of interesting and funny mods brought into the game in the near future. Once the people making these things get going, their creativity can run wild and make some truly great meme moments. It is all just a matter of time.