How to upgrade your broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Soon your broom will be faster than a Nimbus 2,000.

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Traversing the world of Hogwarts Legacy takes a while until you are able to start flying on a broomstick. Once you get your broom, you will notice that it isn’t the fastest form of transportation but it certainly beats walking everywhere. When you want your broom to move a little bit fast, you will need to turn to upgrades. These upgrades, however, are few and far between and you will need to work for them. This guide will show you how to upgrade your broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete broom time trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you can upgrade your broom, you will need to complete a broom time trial. After talking to Albie Weekes at the broom shop in Hogsmeade, you will be able to start completing these trials. Make sure to purchase a broom before starting a trial. The first of these time trials can be found at the Quidditch field outside Hogwarts castle. The time trials are pretty straightforward. To start one, you simply need to walk up to Imelda Reyes.

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During a time trial, you will need to fly through rings that are set up around the course in an area. If you miss a ring during the trial, you will have three seconds added to your time. As you make your way around a time trial course, you will see various yellow bubbles between the rings. Hit the bubbles to increase the speed of your broom for a brief period of time. Do your best to hit these bubbles are frequently as possible.

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After you have made it through all of the rings, you will come to the finish line. If you beat the fastest time, you can return to Albie and talk to him about a broom upgrade. Each time you complete a time trial, Albie will craft a new upgrade. You will get contacted each time an upgrade is available at his shop and each upgrade will cost you 1,000 Galleon so make sure you have saved up plenty of money.