Assassin’s Creed Jade has entirely leaked online now, with a fully playable beta

They are no longer working in the shadows.

Image via Ubisoft

There are multiple upcoming Assassin’s Creed projects in the works by Ubisoft. One that’s coming up soon will be Assassin’s Creed Mirage, a story focusing on the origins of Basim, a character who appeared in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Set to release on mobile devices, Assassin’s Creed Jade will take place in China during the Qin dynasty. However, the game appears to have leaked online well before the developers planned for it to come out, and the best part of this news is that it appears to have a fully playable beta.

The way players access this is by filling out a test form for Ubisoft and requesting access to the game’s alpha. By doing so, players can immediately access the game’s beta, called Codename Explore. This follows the report of early gameplay footage of Jade being leaked over the weekend.

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Surprising many, the current product that players have access to on the beta has players reporting that they’re enjoying the early version of the product. Supposedly, the beta is set to run for two and a half months, in which case, we could see a release window for Jade sometime in early 2023, potentially before the release of Mirage. Unfortunately, we have no official confirmation from Ubisoft, but given the number of leaks surrounding the game, the team may share something sooner than they intended.

Ubisoft officially shared details about Assassin’s Creed Jade when they revealed multiple upcoming Assassin’s Creed products during their showcase several months ago. This was also the format they shared Mirage and Assassin’s Creed Red, a game set to take place in Japan, a long-awaited and heavily fan-requested destination to take the franchise.

For now, fans can look at the recently leaked gameplay and footage of Assassin’s Creed Jade before it comes to mobile devices. Supposedly, it requires at least an iPhone 11 mobile device or better to run and at least 12 GB of storage, which is no small game to contain on your phone.