Atomic Heart Trophy list reveals tasks linked to jelly, talking to dead animals, and drinking vodka

Multiple playthroughs may be required.

Image via Mundfish

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The Trophy/Achievement list for Atomic Heart has appeared online, and it’s filled with interesting tidbits to pick apart while we wait for the game’s release. Among the more interesting Trophies in the list are ones linked to exotic collectibles, combat, and curious drinking habits.

First appearing on Exophase, the list of 42 Trophies gives us some insight into Atomic Heart’s gameplay and the type of things you’ll need to do to get the Platinum Trophy. As expected, there are some straightforward Trophies for killing named enemies that we assume are bosses throughout the story. Crafting five weapons, fully upgrading a skill tree, and launching cars at 20 enemies will all net you what seem like easy-to-earn Trophies.

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However, there are other Trophies on this list that sound pretty complicated. For example, one Trophy requires you to get drunk on vodka and kill five enemies. Another requires you to talk to all the dead animals in the game somehow, and a later Trophy takes it a step further and asks you to speak to all the dead in the game. This could be linked to an ability you need to unlock, meaning both Trophies are potentially missable. Other ‘collectibles’ Trophies include one for finding all the Jelly in the game, one for picking all the apples in a location called Limbo, and a tough-sounding one for scanning all Mobs. This one will drive players around the bend if the game has near as many missable scans as Horizon Forbidden West.

A Gold Trophy on the list stands out to us because it requires players to complete Atomic Heart in Hardcore Mode. This game mode may be locked out from the start, rewarded to players when they finish the game in one of the other difficulty modes. If this is the case, then you’ll need to complete Atomic Heart at least twice to earn the Platinum Trophy.

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Atomic Heart is a first-person action RPG set in a utopian world that’s fallen due to an unknown disaster. Players explore the world and unlock powerful abilities similar to the Plasmids of BioShock to help them take down the enemies that get in their way. The game’s world is strange, filled with androids and questionable biological creations that make some moments feel more like a horror game than a shooter or immersive sim.