Back 4 Blood update fixes Special Zombie spamming

The campaign and Cleaners have been tweaked too.

Image via Steam

Have you felt overwhelmed by too many Special Zombies in Back 4 Blood? Good news — their spawn rate is being changed. The November 2021 update fixes that problem and makes some other significant changes to the co-op zombie shooter.

As explained in the patch notes, Special Zombie spawn cards were being “frequently duplicated,” leading to an “unfair amount of Specials” for your team to fight. This issue has been fixed, and developer Turtle Rock Studios has pledged to “continue to dig into spawning issues to help further smooth out the experience.”

The update brings a number of quality-of-life changes to the game too. All Cleaners are available from the start, so you don’t have to finish The Crossing to unlock the second set of characters anymore. Completing any campaign chapter will also unlock all previous chapters. In-game chat has been tweaked, allowing you to totally disable voice chat and see which players have been individually muted via an icon. These changes ought to make playing online with others better, and seeing as you can enable cross-play in the game, there’s a whole world of strangers to play with if you’re not teaming up with your friends.

More changes are coming to Back 4 Blood in the future. Turtle Rock’s content roadmap mentions three upcoming expansions, a single-player offline mode, and lots of new cards. The studio will also roll out more updates like the one detailed here.