Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Aren’t Convinced Halsin Has Ever Been To Moonrise Tower

Halsin has become pretty infamous for his love life. With that being said, his knowledge of the world may be another mess altogether.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The world of Baldurs Gate 3 is a gift that keeps on giving. For every iconic line and character, there’s an equally disturbing situation waiting to happen. Larian Studios has a history of making interesting characters and dialogue, dating all the way back to Divinity: Dragon Commander. Anyone remember that game? This time, it seems like one of the characters is either trying to get you killed or suffering from tourist syndrome with his directional advice.

Halsin is a bear of a man, and it seems with all that brawn comes a lack of common sense in the brain thanks to a weird sense of danger. Some of his advice is questionable at best, and his motives go to weird places when talking about certain things. He also apparently thinks that taking a casual stroll through the Underdark is safe. Yes, you heard that correctly. “The Underdark” is apparently the best way to get around now.

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Where Are We Going? The Underdark!

Despite the out-of-place Dora the Explorer reference, it’s no secret that she knows how to get around, contrary to our Druid friend Halsin. According to a post on Reddit, a player was trying to find the best way to Moonrise Tower. When approached by the subject, Halsin thought it would be a good idea to go through the amazingly safe and predictable Underdark. This underground maze consists of friendly creatures such as Drow, Aboleths, Cloakers, Shadow Dragons, and, you guessed it, Illithids. Now, doesn’t that sound inviting?

Of course, other commenters were quick to point out the ridicule of the idea, with posts pointing out other dangerous locations in the setting as potential vacation spots and safe routes for the band of adventurers. Indeed, the only thing left to do now is send Halsin in for a mental wellness check, or wizard, to see if he’s being mind-controlled by a sinister force. Anything can be better than the completely brain-dead directions he offered as a potential travel option. One thing is for sure: He’s definitely sleeping outside the camp from now on.

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Larian never disappoints when it comes to great content for players to enjoy and share amongst themselves. The game had been in early access for years before this year, and players still find new and exciting content. Once the team goes back and cleans out the bugs and glitches that plague the game, there’s no doubt that the game will become one of the best of all time for fans of the genre. Now, excuse us; we have to gear up for a trek across the perfectly safe underground tunnel.