Battlefield 2042 early access is missing the scoreboard, other key features

You can’t talk to your team either.

Image via EA

The regular Battlefield 2042 release date may still be a week away, but certain players are already squadding up thanks to an early access launch. However, some of these players have also pointed out that key features from past Battlefields are missing.

Reddit user alter-life compiled a list in their own thread, and while some points are certainly subjective, there are a few strange omissions, to be sure. For one, the game has no scoreboard, meaning you can’t see which player is leading the pack in terms of kill-death ratio. Furthermore, there’s no scoring system, so any objectives you complete, kills you earn, or other heroic actions you pull off aren’t met with much fanfare, at least in terms of what the UI indicates. You won’t see that info on a personal stats page, either — Battlefield 2042 is lacking that as well.

Further down in the thread, user PM-Me-Your_PMs points out the lack of voice chat. We knew about this ahead of time, as developer DICE stated it believes people rely on services like Discord more than built-in voice chat systems. Luckily, DICE does plan to bring voice chat back into Battlefield 2042 in a future update.

Hopefully, the rest of these omissions can be remedied in the near future, though it may not be realistic to expect it by the time the game launches for everyone else. Battlefield 2042 comes to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on November 19. At the very least, we’ll probably see a lot more complaints along these lines once more players start dropping in.