Bayonetta 3, Platinum Games Still “Hard At Work”


During the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has taken a few minutes to talk about Bayonetta 3, one of the most anticipated games for Switch.

According Yoshiaki Koizumi, Platinum Games is still “hard at work” on the Nintendo Switch exclusive, which was revealed at The Game Awards 2017.

After revealing Astral Chain, Koizumi said that “speaking about Platinum Games, I’m sure you’re very curious about Bayonetta 3.”

“Rest assured the developers of Bayonetta 3 are hard at work and I hope you’re looking forward to learning more,” he commented.

This is the only tidbit Nintendo revealed yesterday about the game, so hopefully you didn’t have that many expectations out of the Direct.

Curiously enough, Astral Chain is releasing as soon as August 30, 2019, while Bayonetta 3, which has been supposedly in the making way before it, is still lacking a launch window.

You can check the precise moment when Bayo 3 is addressed during the Nintendo Direct at this link.