BioShock, The Last of Us voice actor Troy Baker cancels NFT plans after backlash

“Careful consideration” might’ve avoided this in the first place.

Image via IMDB

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A few weeks ago, prolific voice actor Troy Baker announced plans to turn his voice into an NFT. Predictably, this led to heavy backlash, and now Baker has walked back the idea.

In an update on Twitter, Baker thanked fans for the “feedback,” which is undoubtedly a diplomatic way to mention all the negative comments the initial idea received. “Careful consideration” led him to break things off with VoiceVerseNFT, abandoning the NFT plan altogether. Baker also apologized to those he accused of “hating” for disagreeing with the NFT idea — a direct reference to the original announcement, when he said, “you can hate, or you can create.” Apparently, there’s a third option: announce a thing, then jump ship when Twitter tells you it’s a bad idea.

Troy Baker is far from the only name in video games exploring the idea of NFTs. Ubisoft’s Quartz program launched last year, but initial sales are proving sluggish. While Quartz offers NFT cosmetics like Ghost Recon Breakpoint gun skins, it seems most of the gaming world is uninterested in the concept. Konami auctioned off 14 NFTs a few weeks ago and garnered $155,000, which sounds like a strong number until you compare it to the money that actual game hardware and software bring in. It’s easy to see why most game devs are more interested in unionization than NFTs.