BioWare finally provides update on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, revealing… that it has talent trees

Not quite the update fans truly wanted.

Image via Electronic Arts

Fans have been waiting with extreme anticipation for even a morsel of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf news. Late last year, the game entered a fully playable Alpha state, but Bioware has been extremely tight-lipped about the title over the course of its development. The game was announced back in 2018, and there has been absolutely no official gameplay shown aside from alleged leaked Alpha footage.

Fans hoped for the game to launch at some point in 2023, but Bioware’s latest update isn’t giving them anything to solidify that rumor. The company has uploaded a blog to “pull back the curtain” on development for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf but revealed no gameplay or trailer. All we have received is something that we would never have expected — the confirmation that the fourth game in a franchise that has always had talent trees once again has talent trees.

We are all for developers showing off their talents and presenting what they are proud to be working on, but players have had nothing to go on except concept art and animated teaser trailers for almost five years now. Recently, a post on Reddit went viral claiming to be footage and images from an early build of Dreadwolf, and it has gotten fans extremely thirsty for official news.

The blog at least sheds a tiny bit of light on what to expect with talent trees. It looks as if there will be a ton of talents to choose from, and Bioware has stated that its goal is to have a variety of ways to customize builds. Hopefully, this works in tandem with the action-orientated combat system.

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At the end of this day, fans on social media have said that this is yet another non-update disguised as an update. It is nice to see, but it is a confusing marketing strategy by Bioware to keep so much of Dreadwolf a secret. If the rumors are true, the game might not be launching until next year now, but we’d like to have something to wet our whistle in the meantime.