Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s possible lack of party control causing dread among fans

And they might continue dreading it into 2024.

Image via Bioware

Fans looking for even a morsel of good Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gossip will probably want to sit down and take a breath. The next installment in the franchise has been in development for quite some time now, but players have only received scant morsels of information when it comes to the title. Short cinematic trailers have given fans clues about the narrative, but Bioware has not shown even a teaser of gameplay yet. Anonymous sources are now claiming that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s 2023 release date may be a fever dream, while also mentioning that its combat is inspired by Final Fantasy XV, giving players less tactical control of their party members.

Insider Gaming has reportedly spoken with several anonymous sources about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and the picture is not exactly stellar. While the title follows the gameplay beats established from previous games in the franchise, it seems to be moving even further into hack n’ slash territory. In terms of micromanaging your party members, players will be unable to control them directly. Instead they will only be allowed to issue commands in a similar way to Mass Effect.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf also seems to need more time than anticipated to get its features right. While the multiplayer component was cut, sources claim the game still retains a multiplayer feel by having a central hub where the player will head off on missions via teleport mirrors. These missions will also be used for recruiting companions into the hub, who can be geared with equipment and conversed with in typical Bioware fashion.

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The game allegedly still has a lot of missing text and unrecorded voice lines, meaning the likelihood of it launching in 2023 is up in the air. Players may have to wait until the following year to get a taste of this next Bioware adventure.