Leaker reveals even more Dragon Age: Dreadwolf details, including gameplay, enemies, visuals, and more

Complete with video and images.

Image via The Game Awards 2020

Fans wallowing in the shallow Dragon Age: Dreadwolf development news since its announcement might just have been thrown a few scraps. Someone on Reddit dished out a ton of new information on the title from alleged alpha development footage. What is even more surprising is that this supposed footage also appeared online at the same time. All of this new information gives excited fans of the franchise their first look at the potential gameplay, combat, and visuals of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

The Reddit discussion in question goes into great detail about what the tester encountered during their time with the game. While the footage has been removed, others in the thread re-uploaded it further down in the discussion. It is important to note that the images and details are all from early alpha, and the game has likely changed a lot in the time since this footage was recorded. The leaker states that a lot of the game was still lacking textures and elements during alpha.

The person details 20 minutes of gameplay where the player character tackles a portion of the game involving a Grey Warden fortress in Weisshaupt. The main enemies are a variety of Darkspawn units, and the player is controlling an Elvish “Knight” Grey Warden class. Of course, in typical Dragon Age fashion, a dragon apparently crashes the party during this gameplay portion, but no footage of this is seen.

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Combat is indeed hack and slash, but described as inspired by God of War (2018) and not reminiscent of Final Fantasy XV as previously reported. The combat wheel and UI are similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition, and players only get limited control of their companions. The general flow of abilities include regular combos, as well as a special bar that fills up and eventually allows use of special moves. Jumping enthusiasts will be happy to know it remains a feature in Dreadwolf.

While it is unlikely Bioware will be happy to see potential footage of the game has leaked before they are ready to show it, fans will soak this up and hold on to it until the company is ready to reveal what they have been able to create in the time since alpha.