Borderlands 3 And New Brothers In Arms To Be Announced “When They Are Ready”

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It’s been no secret that Gearbox Software is working on a Borderlands 3 game, even though the studio is really taking its time before they officially announce it.

CEO Randy Pitchford has publicly addressed the matter in a couple of tweets, sharing that the team will make an announce only when it’s truly “ready.”

“It has been no secret that we have games in development and that includes games in the borderlands franchise,” Pitchford said.

Then, he addressed fans’ concerns about the lack of an announcement, claiming that “I cannot control what other people worry about.”

“I’m worried about creating entertainment and will announce things when they are ready,” he said, adding on a possible timeframe for a reveal.

On top of that, Gearbox is also “working on some things Brothers in Arms related… not ready to announce anything yet.”

The series has been missing for a long while now, and we’re pretty surprised it’s even getting mentioned at this stage.

Anyway, we’ll look forward to both those games getting revealed sooner or later, although it looks still early days in the development process.