Borderlands 3 Is An Epic Games Store Exclusive For Six-months

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Plenty of new Borderlands 3 details have come out to do, such as the characters in the game, the different versions fans can buy, and the release date, which is September 13. Another detail dropped today, too, one that many are not a fan of Borderlands 3 is set to remain an Epic Stores exclusive until April 2020.

This decision means any Steam fans who are holding down the fort on their favorite game store are going to have to wait a couple of months to play it with their friends.

It does make sense, from a business standpoint, why the game is going to remain an exclusive to Epic Games as it was crafted using the Unreal Engine. Any developer who uses the Unreal Engine and sell their game in the Epic Games store, do not have to pay the royalty fees customarily associated with selling it in other stores. For some developers, that’s a worthwhile deal.

These new details came out from a press release, shared by Borderlands 3 developers, 2k.

“The PC gaming community has been an important part of the success of the Borderlands series, and we are excited to be partnering with Epic who recognize its worldwide popularity and share in our commitment to bring Borderlands 3 to this rapidly expanding audience,” said David Ismailer, the 2K president. “Our mission, in addition to delivering the most engaging and captivating entertainment experiences, is to embrace new distribution platforms that will contribute to our effort to grow the audience for Borderlands 3.”

You can pre-order Borderlands 3 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC from the Borderlands website, right now, and you can check out the four different versions, along with the game’s season pass.