Borderlands 3 Sold Five Million Copies In Five Days

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is off to a record-breaking start for Gearbox, Take-Two, and the franchise as a whole. According to figures released by Take-Two Interactive, five million people bought the game within the first five days of sale.

According to Take-Two, “Within its first five days of launch, 50 percent more consumers purchased Borderlands 3 versus sales of its predecessor – Borderlands 2 – making the title the fastest-selling in 2K’s history, as well as the highest-selling title for the label on PC in a five-day window.”

The impressive sales figures take the Borderlands franchise to a cool $1 billion in net bookings. These numbers make it the second franchise in 2K history to hit this milestone.

It seems that the lack of a Steam release hasn’t done much to damage the game’s sales. All the calls of boycotts and various reasons to not purchase the game at all didn’t have a significant impact on the title.

The game also set another record for 2K, marking the highest percentage of the digital sale for a cross-platform, cross-distribution title. The game sold more than 70 percent of those five million copies digitally. It had the highest pre-order figures to date for 2K. Borderlands 3 set a new record to pre-order numbers on the Epic Games Store. This fact is less impressive because it is easily the most significant launch game the storefront has had for a PC exclusive rights to date.

No matter how you look at it, Borderlands 3 is off to an incredible start. It certainly seems to be continuing the series tradition of being a bit of a money-spinner for all involved.