Borderlands 3 Leak Details Story And Gameplay Ahead Of PAX East Reveal

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is likely getting a reveal at PAX East in one day, but as we wait here’s an interesting leak that could be anticipating all the stuff we’re about to learn on it.

Based on a supposed leak on 4Chan, via ResetEra, the game would be set 5 years after the ending of Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel.

There would be 4 new vault hunters with their abilities completely reworked, multiple action skills instead of one. Writing would be more in line with the original game rather than with BL2.

The game would start on Pandora but we’d leave it quickly for Sanctuary 3, Crimson Raider’s ship which would serve as a hub for multiple planets. Among those, there would be Promethea.

AI Jack may be back, we’re told, even though he wouldn’t be the villain. Rhys is said to be back as CEO of Atlas, now a manufacturer.

Flak the Beastmaster is a homeless looking android. He can summon multiple creatures to help him fight. The female seen in the UE4 demo last year is a Valdof character who is the gunner class. She can summon a bear mech on which other players can ride.

There’s an older man who we’re told works as a stealth/assassin character, rich and filled with gadgets, and then we’d have a black female Siren character, melee oriented like Brick.

Guns would feature changeable parts with their rarities and stats, and things we could alter would feature type of gun, firing rate, reload speed, stability and more.

The bad guys are The Calypso Twins, we’re told. One is a female siren and the other is a male who somehow has siren powers.

Either he figured out a way to give anyone siren powers or the bond between twins allows him to share his sister’s powers. They’re rumored to be ex-Atlas employees.

All brands returning except Bandit/Scav, and all elements returning except Slag, Laser, and Ice. New elements are rumored and the only lead says “nuclear” is one of them.

We’ll stay tuned to learn more from other leaks, in case, and from the reveal which could really be happening as early as tomorrow at PAX East.