Borderlands 3 Leaked Gameplay Reveals New And Returning Features

Borderlands 3 Farming Frenzy

Borderlands 3 gameplay will be revealed as soon as tomorrow, May 1, 2019, but luckily enough we have quick anticipation on that reveal thanks to one of the usual leaks you see happening every day now.

This time around, the leak has happened, it seems, thanks to a Gearbox developer who was giving the new Echocast feature built in partnership with Twitch a try ahead of the official reveal, which will be coming in a few hours.

The leak, which you can see below, is a very short clip that aired on the official Borderlands Twitch channel and was, of course, quickly removed once Gearbox has noticed it was putting it online way ahead of the reveal broadcast.

The gameplay is very short but offers some interesting details. Loot now has item scores, which could work like Destiny’s light levels, and guns have a handling stat. Amara’s siren tattoos are orange and could change depending on the performed action.

Grenades have symbols that reflect how they work, there’s a new Claptrap voice and UI has been hugely reworked from what we see. Scaling will be the same from The Pre-Sequel, not Borderlands 2, and weapon manufacturer chests are all over the place.

Challenges are back, there’s a quest tracker, and a Handsome Jack poster is visible in the background, perhaps hinting at a role of sorts for the character despite his fate in the previous titles of the Borderlands franchise.

Have a look at the gameplay below, and wait for more tomorrow, May 1, 2019.