Borderlands 3 PC Could Be Epic Games Store Exclusive

Borderlands 3

Based on an old statement released on Twitter by Randy Pitchford, it seems that there’s a chance that the PC version of Borderlands 3 could be launching as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Borderlands 3 is rumored to be announced quite soon at the incoming PAX, on March 28, together with at least another title by Gearbox.

When asked about that old comment, the CEO at the developer has not debunked the possibility, asking fans what difference would that make to launch it on Epic’s store rather than Steam.

“What’s wrong with that? A PC is a PC – who cares which store you get your games from? I’m just curious to learn the mind-set. I am a customer on lots of different PC platforms,” he said.

A comment like this clearly seems to have a certain will of opening the horizons of the developer, which also serves as a publishing label on several titles.

It’s worth noting that this is something Gearbox wouldn’t make on its own, since the Borderlands IP has a publisher and that publisher is Take-Two Interactive.

So, we’ll need to see whether Take-Two Interactive agrees with that, even though we’ve already seen bigger publishers like Deep Silver on Metro Exodus going down that road before.