Borderlands 3 Reportedly Coming To Epic Games Store

Borderlands 3 Farming Frenzy

Over the last few hours, we’ve reported about the chance that Borderlands 3 could be coming as soon as September 13, 2019.

As part of the same rumor, we now learn that Gearbox and 2K Games might be aiming for an Epic Games Store release.

The Epic Games Store logo was indeed spotted in the trailer that was attached to the now removed tweet with the release date.

We don’t know much more about that, and we don’t know whether the game is just supporting the store or doing an exclusive deal of sorts.

We would tend to rule the first option out since simple support doesn’t get your logo in the official trailer for a game, but you never know.

On top of that, not so long ago, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford defended the store from accusations of Steam fans.

If the trailer is legit, Borderlands 3 could be yet another game to go exclusive for Epic, like Quantic Dream’s Detroit Become Human PC version and Metro Exodus.