Season Pass Is Coming To Borderlands 3

Handsome Jack Was the Original Borderlands 3 Villain

The different editions for Borderlands 3 have been revealed, showing a season pass will be coming to the game.

It has now become common practice for video games to be release in a variety of the different editions, with the more expensive versions offering more content. Usually the base version of the game, which is often sold for the standard price of sixty dollars, will have the full game. The higher tier editions will give buyers new maps, characters, weapons, or other bonus value within the game. It’s up to the individual buyer to determine if a more expensive version of the game is worth purchasing.

Another common practice in modern video games is paid downloadable content. Often companies will purposely withheld content for the game, and offer it up as a form of DLC. Since it is extra money for corporations to make, DLC is often planned out ahead of release, and will often be sold as a “season pass” to players when the game launches.

So it isn’t too surprising that Borderlands 3 will be releasing with different editions, each edition offering different content.

Borderlands 3 Different Editions

The standard edition just comes with the game, there are no bonuses.

The deluxe edition comes with five content packs. These content packs come with new character skins, weapon skins, trinkets, and mods.

The super deluxe version of the game comes with the same bonuses as the deluxe edition, along with a season pass. The season pass will contain four campaign DLC packs, as well as an exclusive cosmetic pack.

Standard edition of Borderlands 3 is probably going to be sold for sixty dollars, as that’s usually the standard pricing for video games. The deluxe edition and super deluxe edition are most likely going to be sold for eighty and a hundred dollars, as that is generally the norm for higher tier editions.

Pre-ordering Borderlands 3 will also give players an exclusive gold weapons skin pack.

Borderlands 3 is slated to release on September 13.