Troy Baker is Not Returning to Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

There were a lot of details in the Borderlands 3 reveal trailer, and some eagle-eyed viewers caught sight of Rhys. He was one of the two main protagonists from Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands adventure.

Troy Baker voiced him in the gameā€”one of several iconic characters over the years the actor has given voice to, including Joel from The Last of Us, Joker from Batman: Arkham Origins, Magni from last year’s God of War, and many others.

However, despite seeing Rhys in the Borderlands 3 trailer, Baker informed audiences members who were at Supanova Melbourne that he would not be voicing the character. This information was given out on Reddit by Josh_J_Anderson.

An audience member asked if it was him. “I’m sorry to break it to y’all, that isn’t me,” Baker responded.

Baker went on to explain, as a fan himself of the franchise, he’s disheartened to see them change up the voice actors of the character. “I really want Gearbox to know that if they are going to bring back characters from Telltale’s Borderlands, it should be the people who originated the characters.”

It’s an unfortunate turn of events, as Baker was all for reprising the character, had he been asked to do so.

Despite this, Borderlands 3 is still happening, and you can expect to play it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC through the Epic Games Store, later this year on Oct. 14.

Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer

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