You Can Friggin’ Finally Skip That Borderlands 3 Intro Cutscene

Borderlands 3

Ahead of the release of its first DLC pack, Borderlands 3 has received a big update today, giving players the ability to skip its intro cinematic, as well as several balancing fixes to heroes, enemies, and more.

Since the game’s release in September, players have been asking for the ability to skip the game’s intro, feeling that sitting through the cutscene was too tedious, which, in a fast-paced game like Borderlands 3, is a fair criticism. As of today, players will now be able to skip the scene once the video is fully loaded. While this means players will still have to wait for a brief period of time, that wait will still be significantly lower.

The game is also getting a fix to its Guardian Rank Perks, which were bugged from an update released at the end of November. Vending machines have now been added to Skywell-27, and the reported lag and bugginess to the game’s UI and menus has been addressed as well.

In terms of gameplay, there has been a change to guns wielded by CoV Badass enemies, helping make the experience of the Slaughter Shaft a much easier one. The playable characters have also received some improvements, with Zane and Moze getting some fixes to their abilities. On the other hand, Amara has gotten a nerf to her “Indiscriminate” ability which could be used by players with her legendary shotgun to create more ricochet bullets than normal.

More information is available on the game’s official patch notes.

Updates to the game have been met with mixed responses from fans, given the bugs that have come from them and some issues remaining present in the game, but today’s update does a lot to fix many of the issues that players have criticized. It does a lot to gain momentum for the game as it gets ready for the release of its first DLC pack next week.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.