Borderlands 3 Dev Discusses The Game Openly Although It’s Not Been Announced Yet

Borderlands 3 Farming Frenzy

Borderlands 3 might be the game with the biggest amount of time spent between the admission the development studio is working on it and the final reveal, which has indeed not happened yet.

With this in mind, it’s clear that each and every time a dev talks openly about it it’s quite curious, as they act like it’s no news to discuss what Gearbox Software is doing next… while it actually is!

Borderlands Dev Talks About Borderlands 3

Talking with a friend of his who apparently he hasn’t met for a while, Scott Pytlik, the director of communications, he said that he’s “just busy behind the scenes working on the next Borderlands.”

Interestingly, as CEO Randy Pitchford said in the past, the only secret about what’s happening right now is the proper name of the game. While it looks a given that the game is going to be a full main entry in the series, the latest entry has been Borderland: The Pre-Sequel, so something weird could come as well along the way rather than a simply numbered chapter.

When asked by his friend about whether he could talk the game openly even though it has not been presented yet, Pytlik added that “it’s not exactly a secret that there’s another one coming. Randy confirmed that a while ago :).”

So, an E3 2018 presentation could be right what we need now. The game has been officially confirmed to NOT LAUNCH on Nintendo Switch because – Nintendo has other priorities, according to Randy Pitchford.