Boyfriend Dungeon will update its content warning after outcry from players

The content warning is, in the developer’s own words, inadequate.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Image via Kitfox Games

Boyfriend Dungeon will be getting an update this week to its content warning that briefly displays to players before they load into the game proper. This is a result of the outcry from players complaining that the warning isn’t good enough at preparing you for the story’s content.

Developer Kitfox Games posted a statement regarding the content warning on Twitter, explaining that it “inadequately describes the events of stalking and emotional manipulation that exist in the story.” The developer adds that it will “update the game next week with a more accurate CW. We apologize for any hurt inflicted by our mistake.”

Boyfriend Dungeon is a dungeon crawler/dating simulator in which players can develop relationships with their weapons. Mere days after the game launched, some players began sharing concerns about one storyline in which the player is stalked and emotionally manipulated by a character. The main issue is that the content warning that pops up before starting a new game doesn’t do a good enough job of telling the player what themes they’re going to experience in this story. Furthermore, some fans believe that the darker themes and elements explored in the game weren’t communicated enough in the game’s Kickstarter campaign.

Despite Kitfox Games’ pledge to update the content warning, some fans aren’t satisfied; and believe that there should be an option to skip the section of the game with the stalker and emotional manipulation elements entirely. We’ll see later this week what changes the developer implements to the game with the upcoming update.