Call of Duty Fans Get Nostalgic Over Black Ops 3’s Vibrance Following Murky MW3 Beta

Call of Duty fans are ready for color to return to the franchise after another murky Modern Warfare beta experience.

Image via Activision.

Call of Duty fans are back in their nostalgic griping after comparing Modern Warfare 3’s beta against older titles like Black Ops 3.

MW3’s beta has come and gone, giving players a glimpse into a seemingly bright future. While the upgraded gameplay has largely received rave reviews from hardcore fans, visual clarity is at the top of the list of changes the community is campaigning for ahead of release.

Sledgehammer noticeably improved nameplate visuals in the beta, but there’s still much to be desired. As we wait for that ever-so-close November 10 date, fans are looking back at older games and begging the devs to take a page straight out of the jetpack era’s notebook.

CoD Fans Desperate For Colors After Modern Warfare 3 Beta

Image via Activision.

It’s no secret that Black Ops 3 is the standard for excellence when it comes to maximalist color in Call of Duty. Infinite Warfare also had a fairly vibrant color scheme and visual identity. However, Treyarch’s addition to the Airborne trilogy is still the bar that other Call of Duty titles get held against.

Of course, the games all have individual styles, so it’s not always a fair comparison, but there is something to be said about how easy it was to identify enemies no matter how far away they happened to be. That’s been lacking in the Modern Warfare series so far.

RaidAway, a prominent CoD content creator, stirred up the conversation by saying he wished that every game had “Black Ops 3 colors”, and the sentiment clearly hit home for a lot of people.

Vibrance was a recurring theme, and while not everyone agreed that the Black Ops 3 style was the best way to do it, the overwhelming consensus shows a real demand. “I miss when games had color. Now, it’s just tan and gray,” one commenter said.

Others echoed that statement, with a few even calling BO3 the best CoD of all time strictly because of the radiant array of colors here. For good reasons, empire – Black Ops 3’s reimagining of Raid – is often cited in these conversations. It’s arguably one of the best-looking FPS maps of all time.

Image via Activision.

This is still Call of Duty, though, and the community can never be fully aligned on one side of the issue. Jokes about how Modern Warfare 3 would look “too much like Fortnite” or how Black Ops 3 was an FPS with a “Meet The Robinsons skin” raise valid points about straying too far away from Call of Duty’s typical identity.

We’re definitely not getting anything so drastic as a full-color revision, but based on the astounding amount of complaints around MW3’s saturation, it’s safe to assume further changes are still coming down the pipeline. Personally, I’m all on board for brighter colors, but I’ll accept any changes that bring the visuals up to par with the excellent gameplay.