Call of Duty may be returning to Steam with Modern Warfare 2

The series could be making a return to the popular storefront.

Image via @CallofDuty

The Call of Duty series has not been available to purchase on Steam for quite some time, with the last entry to appear on the storefront being 2017’s Call of Duty: WWII. If you wanted to purchase some of the later titles, you would have to go through Activision’s own Battlenet storefront and launcher. With that said, an eagle eyed Reddit user noticed some artwork on Steam that could hint at the return to the most popular PC storefront.

The Reddit user u/Kalinine noticed the upcoming Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 2, has some promotional artwork on Steam. When someone asked for a little clarification, they responded by stating: “it shows up at the bottom of the DLC page for some Call of duty games like Black Ops 3.”

What adds a little extra fuel to the fire is that the image has since been taken down. If you make your way over to Steam, you will not be able to find the artwork in question. Lucky for us, someone was able to grab a screenshot before it was taken down.

Image via u/Kalinine

As of right now, if you are to make your way over to the same webpage, the artwork has been taken down and replaced with a plain background.

So far, not much is entirely know for Activision’s next installment into the franchise. However, we are set to learn quite a bit more about the game next month. On top of that, we have already seen some leaked details about a beta coming before the official release alongside some special edition information. If a return to Steam is coming, an announcement is sure to come sometime soon.